Links 5/15/17

Links for you. Science:

Two experts resign from EPA posts to protest the agency’s science committee shake-up
Trump’s Expected Pick for Top USDA Scientist Is Not a Scientist
A culture that normalizes hypercritical peers is a problem for scientists who want to reach beyond academe
Raw milk and cheese cause 840 times more illnesses than pasteurized products
Funding must make room for exploration


How TV Became Respectable Without Getting Better
The ‘Merrick Garland for FBI’ scheme shows why liberals lose
Follow the money laundering (yes, follow it)
Private prisons back Trump and could see big payoffs with new policies
WTF Is Going On With Ward 4’s Brandon Todd? An Explainer
Trump’s voter fraud commission is a shameless white power grab
A Special Prosecutor Is Not the Answer: Rather than an inquiry focused narrowly on criminal conduct, the way to resolve questions swirling around President Trump and his associates is to impanel an independent commission (dunno)
Russian money-laundering details remain in the dark as US settles fraud case
In Wisconsin, ID law proved insurmountable for many voters
What if working less is better?
Wendell Berry Defends Rural America Against an Attack by New York Review of Books Writer
A Collection of Sun Ra’s Business Cards from the 1950s: They’re Out of This World
Republicans in N.C. Senate cut education funding — but only in Democratic districts. Really.
The DNC’s elephant in the room: Dems have a problem — it’s not Donald Trump
No Help From Noah: The County That Banked on a Religious Theme Park to Solve Its Money Problems

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