Links 5/10/17

Links for you. Science:

National Library of Medicine Announces Departure of NCBI Director Dr. David Lipman (this is sort of humongous actually)
Cell-free biotech will make for better products
When Brittle Stars ATTACK!!!!: The Ophiura sarsii DEATH MATCH!!
Agency fires science advisers
A Potentially Pivotal Case: Louisiana State University and Elsevier


4 pinocchios for fact-checkers (excellent point: “fact checkers… are using semantics to call opponents false for using syntactic shortcuts”)
Yes, House Republicans, the heartless health-care vote will define you
In a Beijing ballroom, Kushner family pushes $500,000 ‘investor visa’ to wealthy Chinese
The Democratic Party Is a Ghost
Detroit-area synagogue cancels Noa concert in face of right-wing protests
Bannon and Trump ‘personally intervened’ to save neo-Nazi Gorka’s White House job
Preventing Hacking Is Not an Easy Problem
Why They’re So Scared About Mike Flynn
Science Nerd Hopes to Unseat Congress’ Most Detested Science Denier
In the Elusive Search for Affordable Housing, Clues Emerge
I Visited Al Qaeda’s Syrian Stronghold and Saw How U.S. Backing of ‘Moderate’ Rebels Is Bolstering Jihadists
One tax change that should be made — and certainly won’t be (George Will finds a nut!)
Malcolm Nance: ‘This Goes Even Deeper Than I First Thought’
The Average NFL Game Has Only 11 Minutes Of Action
How pre-existing conditions became front and center in health care vote

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