Links 5/5/17

Links for you. Science:

To celebrate World Tuna Day, eat anything else
Managing invasive lionfish in the Caribbean
NSF funding: myth, hyperbole and luck
The earth is flat (p>0.05): Significance thresholds and the crisis of unreplicable research
How Domestication Altered The Horse Genome


This one Clinton quote shows why her supporters hate the media
Why Republicans Think They Can Get Away With Devastating Health Care
Were You Invited to the Party in Washington Today?
Education Can’t Fix Poverty. So Why Keep Insisting that It Can?
Every Republican who voted for this abomination must be held accountable
A Little-Noticed Target in the House Health Bill: Special Education
Defunding Planned Parenthood is just one of the attacks on women’s health in the GOP’s repeal bill
Can We Even Call It Lying Anymore?
‘Hundreds of us will die in Raqqa’: the women fighting Isis
Slur intrudes again at Fenway Park
Maine House votes to join Atlantic time zone, if New Hampshire and Massachusetts do the same
They said they were taking off the shackles and they meant it
The siren song of homogeneity
Arizona lawmaker: Let’s end compulsory schooling and stop forcing education ‘down everybody’s throat’
The burning man
Guess What Happened When Fyre Festival Organizer Promised D.C. A Ja Rule Concert
Think Trump is an authoritarian? Look at his actions, not his words (or maybe it’s the calm before the storm?)
The Conservative Beef With ESPN Is All About Curt Schilling

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