Links 4/23/17

Links for you. Science:

Banning trans fats in New York prevented thousands of heart attacks, study finds
Tackling genomic data corruption with a new tool
Strategy of “inconvenience” may be the best way to boost vaccination rates
With this new system, scientists never have to write a grant application again (seems really easy to game, also the amounts are rather small)
Scientists Unearth Ancient DNA Depicting a Battle Between Viruses and Our Ancestors


Everything Is An Enormous Pain in the Ass (excellent)
The Elements of Bureaucratic Style: The bureaucratic voice presents governments and corporations as placid, apologetic, and unmovable. It also makes their victims as active as possible.
Video Evidence of False Claims Made in the White House Intelligence Report of April 11, 2017 by Ted Postol (Postol got the Star Wars chicanery right)
Donald Trump Is Making the United States an Anti-Corruption Laughingstock
Why You Can’t Have a Shorter Workweek
Why libraries could soon need a national endowment (or just real federal funding)
The Easter Sunday massacre in Colfax, Louisiana, and the awful Supreme Court decision that followed
“I’m Back in the USSR / You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Medication Errors in Hospitals Don’t Disappear with New Technology.” Government: “It’s the Doctors’ Fault.”
‘Journalism is becoming powerless’: Inside a nervous Turkish newsroom as the government closes in
Airlines Treat People Like Dirt Because the Republicans in Congress Let Them
The public only thinks it likes low inflation
Bowser Budgeted $1 Million For Statehood. Here’s How She Wants To Spend It
Towards Democratic Regulation of the Airline Industry
After hyping itself as antidote to fake news, New York Times hires extreme climate denier
A Feminist Case Against Kosher Wine

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4 Responses to Links 4/23/17

  1. Keeping the “unclean” Goyim from touching the grapes is OK, but don’t deny Jewish women the opportunity, THAT would be discrimination!

  2. jrkrideau says:

    vaccination rates of Michigan children rose from about 78 percent to 85 percent

    Great but do we not need about 95% for effective herd immunity?

  3. jrkrideau says:

    For decades, the United States has held itself up as a paragon of open and ethical government.
    Or as it was known, a legend in its own eyes.

  4. Net Denizen says:

    I have a big problem with the Postol analysis, not least of which is that he came to these conclusions by looking at pictures of the site and not actually visiting it and making his own measurements/readings. I realize he’s a ballistic missile expert, but he claims expertise in chemical warfare, and he claimed Assad didn’t do the 2013 attack when he UN investigation said otherwise. I just don’t know that someone who got the 2013 attack wrong (also by looking at pictures of the aftermath) can be trusted to get this one right with the same method.

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