Links 4/2/17

Links for you. Science:

Fish that keep salmon clean and healthy risk being wiped out
Richard Lewontin is awarded the 2017 Morgan Medal
Lamar Smith, unbound, lays out political strategy at climate doubters’ conference (this is horrifying. But the science march shouldn’t be political. Or something)
What Budget Cuts Might Mean for US Science
Can science rob snakes of their deadliest weapon?


THE NATIONAL HEALTH (“These guys always seem to assume, against all evidence and experience, that for some reason the hit man won’t turn on them. That’s us now. We’re a nation of Jerry Lundegaards.”)
Survey Finds Foreign Students Aren’t Applying to American Colleges
Bait and switch: How the “public option” was sold (not all public options are the same; devil is in the details)
How to revive Massachusetts’ first language
Millionaire Republican Rep. Trott and team plan to portray constituents as “un-American” after townhall
On the absurdity of classified information
Forget About Trump’s Mental Illness, He’s Causing The Whole Country To Have A Breakdown
The decline in driving among young American adults (the other thing is that driving is a miserable experience in most places today)
GOP congressman’s staff filed police complaint against group of senior citizens over weekly visits
“Weaknesses found in D.C. summer youth employment program” including “Some $43K in unaccounted-for transportation expenses”
California-Based Apparel Company Sues Ivanka Trump Brand for Conspiracy, Unfair Competition
D.C. Councilmember Introduces Resolution To Consider Divesting From Wells Fargo
I Was a Muslim in Trump’s White House
Ivanka Trump Meets With Congress to Pretend That Her Father Cares About Children (evergreen headline)
The Politically Correct Presidency of Donald Trump
Louisiana Research: When Tenure Ends, Teachers Leave.
Will Mainstream Democrats Support or Oppose Single-Payer Health Care for California?
Pew: Republicans Disagree With You, and They Disagree Indignantly

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