Links 3/31/17

Links for you. Science:

Predatory journals recruit fake editor
Ex CDC Director: History Proves the Dangers of Underfunded Health Programs
The White House calls climate change research a ‘waste.’ Actually, it’s required by law
FISHY BUSINESS: Accusations of research fraud roil a tight-knit community of ecologists
Parrots flying high on drugs are annoying farmers by plundering poppy fields to feed their opium addiction


The Scammers, the Scammed and America’s Fate
Metro Doesn’t Want You to Walk on the Escalator. That’s Not Going to Happen
Why Democrats should push ‘Medicare for all’ now
Another Murderer Crazed by Color, This Time Met by Silence
The same billionaire that funded Trump’s campaign bankrolled Milo’s college speaking tour
Majority Rules
Loss Aversion, Trump and the New Opening for Medicare for All
The Central Problem of Academic Hiring
We Redacted Everything That’s Not a Verifiably True Statement From Trump’s Time Interview About Truth
Energizer Dummy: Dupont Circle’s New Energy-Generating Sidewalk Fails to Generate Much
Former Colorado GOP Official Faces Prison Time on Voter Fraud Charge
Obamacare Isn’t Out of the Woods Yet
In Case You Forgot, Cops Are Still Killing Black People
93-Year-Old Doctor-Sculptor Lionel M. Bernstein Gets His First Gallery Show
‘I will never be free of it’: Auschwitz survivor recalls horror 75 years on
Ok, here’s how Trump could, but won’t rescue his health care fiasco.

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