Links 3/21/17

Links for you. Science:

The Chesapeake Bay is a lifeline for our region, but the president doesn’t think so
John Snows Grant Application
The Nile River Delta, once the bread basket of the world, may soon be uninhabitable
Saw a Tweet today that all new medications come from private Pharma funding. Not the case
Texas Is Considering A Bill That Could Let Science Instructors Teach Creationism


A day in the life of a poor American under Trump’s proposed budget (excellent; must-read)
Conservative Fantasies, Colliding With Reality (Democrats won’t be able to save Republicans from themselves this time)
Virginia, Maryland or D.C.? Here’s who bears the brunt of Trump budget’s federal worker cuts.
Trump’s Budget Guts the EPA and Help for Poor Seniors. It’s a Perfect Symbol of His Administration.
Trump’s Budget Hits Trump’s Voters Hard: The ‘real Americans’ the President valorizes are about to take it right on the chin from him.
Trump budget cuts put Florida coast at risk
President’s budget proposal hits Trump voters the hardest
Trump backhands Appalachia
Why does Donald Trump demonize cities?
Rundle Won’t Charge Prison Guards Who Allegedly Boiled Schizophrenic Black Man to Death
Erdogan’s informers: Turkey’s descent into fear and betrayal
Palm Beach Is Sick of Paying for Donald Trump’s Weekend Visits to Mar-a-Lago
Learning to play offense
Meals on Wheels is ‘not showing any results’ only if you ignore all these results
Those distinctive brown signs outside federal buildings in D.C. have vanished
Everyone hates this tax. But without it, Trump would barely have paid any.
Trump budget would strip $1 billion from Mass., Markey says

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