Links 3/18/17

Links for you. Science:

La Paz adapts to a world without water
The 2,500-year-old roots of gender inequality
This adventurer found the trip worth it — despite the flesh-eating disease (Preston’s book is very good)
Trump, with NASA, has a new rocket and spaceship. Where’s he going to go?
Proposed Policies Could Make America Overfished Again


What Democrats Need to Do to Win Again
Judge Gorsuch failed our family
Bernie Sanders’ Ideas Are Catching On In California Legislature
Do you have what it takes to park in Boston after a snowstorm? (funny)
Steve King Thinks I’m a Threat to American Civilization
58% of high-performance employees say they need more quiet work spaces.
Our open industrial spaces are frustrating our best people and likely impacting our end products (hopefully not actually impact the products though!)
Monica Crowley Lost White House Job, Now She’s Got One With Pro-Russian Oligarch
Fear of Diversity Made People More Likely to Vote Trump
Richard Spencer’s white nationalist non-profit stripped of tax-exempt status
Chasing Big Sports Goals, Rutgers Stumbles Into a Vat of Red Ink
Behind the blue wall: Claims of bias in the State Police force
Breaking Roads, Making Bank: Roadbed Solutions sees a huge opportunity in the nation’s failing roads
NJ Charter Schools – A Fool’s Gold Rush: Franklin
Trump’s Counties Lose Out to Clinton’s in GOP Health Tax Cuts
Pornhub Says It Will Plow Snow in Boston for Free
Nostalgia: the yearning that will continue to carry the Trump message forward
Americans are growing more secular all the time — which is one reason why Trump voters are so angry
The CBO report demolishes the GOP’s edifice of deception
The real parallel between Hitler and Trump
The Politics of Infrastructure (there’s some stupidity about precious federal dollars, but still good)
Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women?

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