Links 3/15/17

Links for you. Science:

How a 94-Year-Old Genius May Save the Planet
Yes, Your Sleep Schedule Is Making You Sick
How Humans Invented Numbers—And How Numbers Reshaped Our World
The World Health Organization made a big mistake on TB. It must fix it
Science is America’s Foundation–and our Future: Instead of arbitrarily slashing federal programs, Congress should continue to work on a bipartisan basis to secure long-term, sustained investments for R&D


That New Deal Feeling (kids, this is why the Left, such as it is, can’t stand the New Democrat wing of the Democratic Party)
Your Moment of New Deal Zen (ditto)
When Americans Saw Irish Immigrants as Terrorists
Why are we hearing crickets from the GOP on Steve King’s ugly Tweet?
Okay, so here’s a tweet thread of my blog post explaining the U.S. tax code & why it doesn’t “soak the rich” (a tweet thread actually worth reading)
Wages Are Up? Not For Ordinary Workers, They Aren’t.
In Defense of the Lecture
Removing Unauthorized Workers Harms States and Industries Across the Country
This Is the Russia You’re So Afraid Of?
Bannon’s dream
Despite Trump promises, Keystone pipeline won’t have to use American steel
Meet Silicon Valley’s Secretive Alt-Right Followers
Michael Flynn Was Paid to Represent Turkey’s Interests During Trump Campaign (even as he said he was sacrificing his income to work on said campaign…)
How the 19th-Century Know Nothing Party Reshaped American Politics
The Great God Trump and the White Working Class
ANC Meetings Are Long Affairs That Attract Windbags And Weirdos. You Should Definitely Attend
The new hysteria over campus speech
Laziness isn’t why people are poor. And iPhones aren’t why they lack health care.
The huge risk of small nukes
I have health coverage for the first time in four years thanks to Obamacare

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