Now Would Be A Good Time For A Democratic Healthcare Plan Proposal

Preferably, one that’s Medicare for all.

Shortly after the election, I argued that there’s no One True Thing That Will Defeat Trump™:

…it’s worth remembering that over 64 million people voted for Clinton: surely there are enough people to decry ALL THE THINGS…

But what I really don’t understand is how most centrist and centrist-left thought leader types can be so damn certain they will be able to identify what would stymie Trump. While it was clear that the ‘Clinton Rules’ would be operative (and perhaps the ‘electability’ arguments should have considered this), it wasn’t clear at all that the emails would be the weak link. What Republicans are good at doing is throwing lots of shit against the wall and seeing what sticks (they’re also good at avoiding the consequences of doing so, but that’s beyond the scope of this post). Point being, nobody knows what The One True Thing That Will Defeat Trump™ will be, especially our Mandarin Class betters. So hit him in lots of places and see what works.

Please tell me that somewhere Democrats are working on minimum wage legislation and a healthcare plan. They won’t pass, of course, but there’s an opportunity here (boldface mine):

the United States may have just taken a bigger step toward the left-wing dream of single-payer health care than if the Vermont socialist had indeed become America’s 45th president.

And who can Democrats and progressives thank for this surprise gift? House Republicans.

After years of Republicans criticizing ObamaCare and calling for its repeal and replacement, Americans finally found out what’s in GOPCare: something for just about everyone to hate and precious little to love….

And conservative health-policy wonk Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner delivered the rhetorical coup de grâce: “In releasing their health-care plan on Monday, House Republican leaders sent a signal loud and clear: Liberalism has already won.”

…Meanwhile, the ACA remains desperately in need of reform as too few of the young and healthy sign up. “ObamaCare is so poorly constructed it is literally an anti-selection machine,” health-care analyst Bob Laszewski writes at his popular blog, adding,”The Republican proposal is worse.”

Well, Sanders had an answer for that — he called his version “Medicare for All” — and it’s an answer that many Democrats wanted all along. Indeed, one way Obama sold Democrats on health reform that kept for-profit, private insurance central was by suggesting it was merely a way station to single payer. That idea is probably looking better and better to Democrats right about now, especially as the party continues to drift left. And maybe to the Republican president, too.

Don’t forget that Trump is a single-payer fan from way back. Plan beats no plan, and Republicans have so far been unable to cobble together an economically sound, politically acceptable ObamaCare alternative…

There’s a policy vacuum that Democrats will be eager to fill should they get the chance. And the GOP’s failure to deliver on its top promise raises the odds that Democrats will get a chance.

Instead, prominent Democrats, other than Sanders and Warren, are not saying anything about what they would do to make people’s lives better. Oddly enough, Trump and Pence are both polling better than Democrats.

By all means, keeping pounding on Trump scandals. But people do have to like this crap. And the Democratic ‘leadership’ isn’t doing anything to tell people how their lives would be better under Democrats.

Time to put pressure on Democrats at town halls.

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3 Responses to Now Would Be A Good Time For A Democratic Healthcare Plan Proposal

  1. Min says:

    Democratic leaders aren’t telling people how their lives would be better under them because not enough of their donors want the people’s lives to be better.

    “Time to put pressure on Democrats at town halls.”

    Amen, brother, amen!

  2. Ruthmarie Hicks says:

    Mark Blyth, a political economist from Brown University, predicted the Trump win. Based on what? Based on the complete inability of the democrats to come to terms with the fact that what their donors want is the exact opposite of what their constituents need – and are FINALLY demanding.

    Unfortunately, Blyth (and yours truly) see no signs that the mainstream democrats are about to change their tune. They still see the monied elites as the ones they have to please and their base as the ones they have to either placate or ridicule. As Blyth put it, for the average American,the mainstream democratic elite are way past their “sell by date”.

    • sglover says:

      Huzzah for mentioning Blyth. His “Global Trumpism” talk is worth about 10,000 gas ventings from the likes of Vox, Mother Jones, Lawyers Guns Money, etc.

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