Links 2/25/17

Links for you. Science:

These seven alien worlds could help explain how planets form
An Aquatic Paradise in Mexico, Pushed to the Edge of Extinction
Monarch miscalculation: Has a scientific error about the butterflies persisted for more than 40 years?
In the age of Donald Trump, vaccine policy is becoming politicized, with potentially deadly consequences
Everyone was dead: When Europeans first came to B.C., they stepped into the aftermath of a holocaust


Republicans Want Retirement Plans That Keep Wall Street Rich (wrote about this here)
Why was it so darned hard to get Trump to condemn anti-Semitism?
Is the Democratic party with the resistance? This weekend might tell
As seas rise, city mulls a massive sea barrier across Boston Harbor
‘Alternative’ Education: Using Charter Schools to Hide Dropouts and Game the System
Anne Frank Center: Trump belatedly condemning hate crimes is ‘Band-Aid on cancer’ of anti-Semitism
Mike Pence wants to repeal the law he used to fix the HIV outbreak his policies helped cause
The Myth of the U.S. Immigration Crisis
Preventing Panic?
Meet the Latest Trump Aide Who’s Even Worse Than All the Other Trump Aides
D.C. Council May Again Revisit System For Paid Family Leave
Defending California Once Again
A lot of news about rising anti-Semitism in US. Last fall, ADL did internal poll on it. Some results
Why Failing to Solve Personal Debt and Polarization Will Usher in a New Dark Age
Yes, Trump’s Aide Really Did Throw “White Power” Sign
‘I Pee & I See the Capitol’: DC Punk Band Priests on Antagonizing and Owning Their Means of Production
Metro dips its toe into the 8000 series water
Conservative Principles
Outside coastal cities an ‘other America’ has different values and challenges

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