Links 1/28/17

Links for you. Science:

The apple that never browns wants to change your mind about genetically modified foods
Molecule shows ability to thwart pathogens’ genetic resistance to antibiotic
National Zoo Welcomes An Adorable Seal Into This Cruel World
This is what Trump voters said when asked to compare his inauguration crowd with Obama’s (interesting experiment)
Why we should listen to Martin Shkreli


Sen. Franken: No Democrat will vote for Betsy DeVos as education secretary — and we’re seeking Republicans to oppose her
On Being Blocked By Donald Trump On Twitter, And Disbelief
Trump won’t voluntarily release his tax returns. But maybe he can be forced to.
This momentous weekend launched a new reality. The city, and our battles, are different now
Federal employment is already frozen
Why BuzzFeed News Published the Dossier
As women march in D.C., Cardin co-sponsors new Equal Rights Amendment
Trump’s First Budget May Zero Out Federal Transit Funding
re: F@ck Work?
Donald Trump’s Presidency Is Not the End of Washington: This will be the first time DC’s newest residents have lived under a President who doesn’t like them. The city’s survived before. It’ll survive again
Trump’s health care plan would repeat the failures of welfare reform
This Abortion Law Should Definitely Target D.C., House Committee Decides (more taxation without representation…)
Barely Two R’s Are Taught at School That Led Tribe to Sue U.S. (I know! Vouchers! Or something.)
Building Trades Allow Themselves to Be Played Like Fools
Go Team!
The Media Failed to Prepare Americans for the Trump Whiplash
The Stadium Scam Goes Vegas

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