Rich People Can Be Very Stupid: The Palm Beach Edition

And the sooner the rest of us figure this out, the better off we’ll all be. From a Boston Globe article describing Palm Beach’s (Florida) efforts to deal with rising sea levels (boldface mine):

Of course, not everyone is convinced.

When Jim and Kim Williams rolled down Woodbridge Road in a convertible Rolls-Royce and pulled into the driveway of the home they’re renting from Trump, they said they weren’t concerned about climate change.

It hasn’t really crossed our minds,” said Jim Williams, 56, after his wife admonished a reporter for venturing too close to their gleaming car, noting it had just been washed.

The last sentence is art. And for more stupid:

Across the street, Jim Grau, who built his mansion 15 years ago, pointed to its sturdy concrete foundation.

“This isn’t going anywhere,” said Grau, 80. “As far as climate change, we’re all in a much better situation now that Donald has been elected.”

Not only doesn’t that last sentence make any sense, but Mr. Grau doesn’t seem to comprehend that his sturdy foundation won’t do any good against flooding.

Leaving aside the gawking at assholes (and we’re going to be doing a shit ton of that over the next few years whether we like it or not), too many Americans believe that if someone figured out a way to make a lot of money (we’ll leave out the time-honored strategies of marriage and inheritance), they must be smart and talented at everything*. The sooner we get past this silly notion, the better. Of course, depending on how things go, Trump might help that along…

*Trump’s wealth is a function, in considerable part, of the tax code. Does anyone think Trump himself could set all that stuff up?

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  1. Tom_b says:

    There’s about a 29% chance that a billionaire might have no qualifications whatsoever (not unlike you-know-who): “”

  2. anthrosciguy says:

    The house not going anywhere is the problem. If he lived in a trailer he could save his home.

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