A Simple Plea For Twitter Etiquette

Or maybe it should be Twitter hygiene. I realize there’s a lot of frustration about current political events (which I share), but that’s led to one very annoying thing on Twitter: people re-tweeting every tweet of a ginormous threaded tweetstorm.

Not only is that annoying to scroll through and clogs up people’s timelines, but it also defeats your purpose–when I see that, I just ignore the entire storm. Now you have failed. Retweeting one or two interesting tweets from a storm is fine, but the best way to get people to read it is to paste the beginning into a link that says something witty like “READ THIS.” (second best with zero effort is to retweet the first tweet).

At the risk of greatly overstating the importance of Twitter to THE RESISTANCE! (which is just another day that ends in -y for us longtime lefty types), it is a useful tool for activists (and scientists, and a whole bunch of other people), so please don’t do your part to break it.

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1 Response to A Simple Plea For Twitter Etiquette

  1. dr2chase says:

    Ahoy, am I an offender? Don’t think I am, but thought I should check.

    Related: anyone with whom engaging is guaranteed unproductive, block. Why waste time, why generate noise? And don’t just block from your own replies, block any MAGA-LIBRULZ-SUK! idiot you read anywhere, it improves the experience (last I checked my list was over 500 long).

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