Links 1/14/16

Links for you. Science:

How I learned to stop worrying and love the coming archivability crisis in scientific software
Trump, Kennedy, and the real science of vaccines
On eve of Trump, Obama’s Energy Department announces new policy to protect scientists
Predictors of Grad School Publications
Why Killer Whales (and Humans) Go Through Menopause


I’m a doctor and I chose my job based on health insurance
New feds could be fired for ‘no cause at all’ by Trump under planned legislation
Don’t Feel Sorry for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Why Donald Trump And Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Make A Perfect Pair
L.L. Bean Really Wants You to Know It Doesn’t Support Trump: The company’s chairman posted an open letter asking people not to boycott
“Many Areas of Appalachia and Mississippi Delta Have Lower Life Expectancy Than Bangladesh”
DC’s push for a stronger voice in Congress continues
Maybe Somebody Will Listen To Atrios
There Is Not One Right Way of Opposing Trump (indeed, there is no One True Thing™)
Inside The Alt-Right’s Campaign To Smear Trump Protesters As Anarchists: Sources tell BuzzFeed News that viral photos of a sign urging violence against Melania Trump at an anti-Trump protest were planned by one of the organizers of the DeploraBall, Jack Posobiec
The Democratic Party ought to start campaigning on single payer health care today and talk about nothing else for four years.
Causing Pain
The Specter of Democracy
The Good Old Days Are Back
Democrats Should Run a Celebrity for President, Too (dunno)
This Is Why You Don’t Kiss The Ring

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