Links 1/6/17

Links for you. Science:

Geoengineering Could Be a Disaster for Astronomy
When I talk about Climate Change, I don’t talk about science.
FDA says food livestock can no longer be fed medically important antibiotics
These nine different creatures have been named after Barack Obama
Gun violence is the least-studied cause of death in America


The risk shift, revisited (excellent)
Dylann Roof: How to make a rampage murderer
Trump to Congressional GOP: Be craftier about gutting your ethics watchdog
10 questions Trump should be asked at his press conference — if he ever holds it
President-elect Donald Trump is still for sale
2016: A Year Defined by America’s Diverging Economies
Baggage Handler Locked In Plane’s Cargo Area On Flight To Dulles
Trump’s America is not the only ‘real’ America
Post Hack, Ergo Flopter Hack: James Hohmann Edition
What the King of Hawaii Can Teach Us About Trump
Ethics Office Victimized Rep Over Rabbit Travel
The 2018 midterms are nearly two years away. Start paying attention now. (but is, Obama, on whose watch down ballot Democrats were decimated, the guy to lead this?)
The 10 most unusual things TSA confiscated in 2016
To Stop Trump, Democrats Can Learn From the Tea Party
Keith Ellison Vows To Ban Lobbyist Contributions To The DNC
Light ’em up
Has Obama “Betrayed” Israel at the UN?

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2 Responses to Links 1/6/17

  1. hipparchia says:

    (but is, Obama, on whose watch down ballot Democrats were decimated, the guy to lead this?)

    yes, although I think Hillary would have been (and possibly may still become) more FDR-ish than Barack. I did a lot — A LOT — of door-to-door door-knocking this election, and democratic party voters in my part of the world really do LIKE (or even LOVE) both of these people. always remember, Hillary got nearly 3 million more votes than did trump.

    Bernie’s politics are closer to mine than are either of the 2 neoliberals — Hillary and Barack — and I do hope Bernie continues to be a force acting on the democratic wing of the democratic party, but the masses (in my part of the world at least) aren’t going to be comfortable with the idea of revolution, of any kind, no matter how much they may like his individual policies.

  2. sglover says:

    “but is, Obama, on whose watch down ballot Democrats were decimated, the guy to lead this?”

    As I understand Obama’s plans, this might divert some of his precious, precious attention away from his future dabbling in the venture capital world. Priorities!

    Honestly, doesn’t the question answer itself? Obama is the first president in my memory who leaves office with essentially **zero** imprint on his party. During his tenure said party has eroded to almost a regional, coastal bloc. But of course these are Dems we’re talking about. Given a choice between half-assed celebrity “leadership” and coming to grips with building an effective organization and a coherent working philosophy — golly, I wonder which way Dems will go?

    Let the Democratic Party die, and work for **real** Left Populist ideas.

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