Links 1/4/17

Links for you. Science:

Fish Seek Cooler Waters, Leaving Some Fishermen’s Nets Empty
The CDC’s New Quarantine Rule Could Violate Civil Liberties
This Year in Genomics and Next-Gen Sequencing
Some perspective on our place in the Universe from the high Chilean desert
If Taxpayers Invent A Drug, Should The Government Just Give It Away?


The UBI already exists for the 1% (“If passive income is so destructive, then you would think that centuries of dedicating one-third of national income to it would have burned society to the ground by now.”)
Cuomo vetoes bill that would have required state to fund legal services for the poor (Cuomo attempts to move to the ‘center’ for 2020)
Putin’s Real Long Game: The world order we know is already over, and Russia is moving fast to grab the advantage. Can Trump figure out the new war in time to win it? (interesting, don’t know if I agree)
4 things that were supposed to happen by 2017 because Obama was reelected
Obama Was Right Not to Get Involved in Syria
Hipsters Broke My Gaydar
When Trump supporters become disillusioned, we should welcome them
Personal Responsibility and the Infantilization of the American Right
Can Chuck Schumer be a Wartime Consigliere?
There’s nothing to see here, citizens. Nothing at all.
Trump’s Indonesia Projects, Still Moving Ahead, Create Potential Conflicts
Leaving Conservatism Behind
Against the Political Grown-Up
The Future of Mass Transit Is Driverless
The Case for Donald Trump’s Impeachability
Elizabeth Warren Fires A Shot Over The Bow Of The Fakest “Progressive” In Congress

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3 Responses to Links 1/4/17

  1. jrkrideau says:

    RE all these wild stories about Russian “hackers” ,

    What is it that causes this American hysteria about Russia?

    As far as I, as a non-expert in cyber security can see there is no believable evidence that there was any Russian involvement. As I believe I said before this stuff is as stupid, or even more stupid, than the “yellow-cake” lie that Washington was peddling during the run-up to the Iraqi debacle.

    Oh sure, someone in Russia, even someone in the Russian Gov’t could have been involved but so could just about anyone from just about any place in the world. Personally I am favouring a teenage geek in his parents’ basement in Cleveland Ohio but I might be wrong. Actually I suspect everyone from the NSA to the Chinese government and the geek were reading those emails.

    From what I have read the attack on the Democrats was a simple phishing attack that the aforesaid geek could do as well as anyone.

    There were only leaked emails from the Democratic side but that seems reasonable. Someone did not want Clinton to win and this was ammunition.

    The evidence of Trump’s long-term behaviour was so blatantly obvious and on the record that had the US media done its job there was no need for leaks and, anyway, Trump’s shambolic campaign probably didn’t have much to “hack”. Its crudity, racism and venality was obvious, well to us non-Americans anyway.

    I would think the more important question is why is the current Washington establishment, including the Intelligence community whipping up wild hysteria about Russia?

  2. AndrewD says:

    Re Driverless mass transit, look up The Docklands Light railway (DLR) and other rail based mass transit. systems. Why are you Americans so behind the times?

  3. jrkrideau says:

    Interesting article from the Russian viewpoint about the Hacker Scandal.
    Gives a very different view of the affair.l Of course, both sides could be lying like rugs but a nice change from American MSM hysteria (and incompetent or unethical reporting).

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