Links 12/26/16

Links for you. Science:

The Case For Natural History Museums
Most of Greenland Melted In the Recent Past, Study Finds
We finally have an effective Ebola vaccine. The war on the disease is about to change.
You don’t get to revise evolutionary theory, until you understand evolutionary theory


No President: There is every reason to expect the worst
The Roots Of The Democratic Debacle: The defeat of Hillary Clinton was a consequence of a political crisis with roots extending back to 1964. The warning signs should have been obvious.
Stand With Keith Ellison: We can debate what Ellison can accomplish as the chair of a party dedicated to selling out workers — but there is no doubt about who would cheer his defeat
What the U.S. map should really look like
Yarglebargle Socialism!
Under Trump, red states are finally going to be able to turn themselves into poor, unhealthy paradises
Five myths about the decline and fall of Rome
Donald Trump’s Mafia Approach to Governing Has Officially Started
Trump’s Pick for Health Secretary Has Spent Years Trying to Limit Access to Contraception
Trump and the GOP Have Massively Unpopular Tax Policies: Even wealthy Republican voters support higher taxes for themselves
Who Lost The White House?
Paul Krugman Pompously Suggests Democrats Turn Their Backs On Working Class
It’s Time To Stop Allowing Ourselves To Be Seduced By Shitty White Women
Trevor Noah’s Interview With Tomi Lahren Is A Perfect Example Of Why The White Liberal ‘Discourse’ Fetish Is So Damn Absurd.
Darkest Before The Dawn
Why the Nazis studied American race laws for inspiration
Trump’s Coming Confrontation with Yellen and the Federal Reserve

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