Links 12/23/16

Links for you. Science:

Critics assail paper claiming harm from cancer vaccine
Keeping Our Eyes on the Antimicrobial Stewardship Ball: Dr. Tom Price as the next secretary of HHS (Price could be really, really bad for antimicrobial resistance efforts)
Kate Rubins just scienced the @$!# out of the International Space Station
Researchers may have found first polluted river from before Bronze Age
Eyes in the sky: Cutting NASA Earth observations would be a costly mistake


How Desperate Would You Have To Be To Stay At A Trump Hotel?
And Then You Have This Idiot
How James Comey and Loretta Lynch made Donald Trump the president of the United States
James Comey’s year of unintended — and ruinous — consequences
Distinguished Economist Says Economics Has Gone down a Blind Alley
The On-Going Press Failure
I make $2.35 an hour in coal country. I don’t want handouts. I want a living wage.
The non-existence of Paul Krugman’s ‘Keynes/Hicks macroeconomic theory’
Rosslyn, VA and the Key Bridge HDR
Donald Trump’s Plan to Make Infrastructure Profitable Is a Mistake
Trump’s Infrastructure Financing Seems Like a Joke
Jewish family flees after being falsely blamed for school’s cancelation of ‘A Christmas Carol’
The WWII Massacres at Drobitsky Yar Were the Result of Years of Scapegoating Jews
2009: The year the Democratic Party died
Kos, shitting on working people is no way to be a Democrat
Why Democrats should just treat the middle class like the extremely poor
The Trump China Showdown Aligns with Reality

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  1. Min says:

    Why Ryan Cooper doesn’t get (in the linked article) is that the Democratic Party has been ignoring the extremely poor (who do not, as a group, vote) and courting the middle class (who do vote) for decades. Yes, the Democrats have championed globalization as practiced, which is a three person game with the global elite and the worlds’ poor combining against the middle class in developed countries. That has to stop and it will stop as the middle class stop consuming as much, if it comes to that. The poor in developed countries are not part of that game, and have not been as affected as the middle class. By focusing on them Cooper is missing the mark.

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