Links 12/18/16

Links for you. Science:

Pig CAFOs influence timing of human flu seasons, study shows
Busy Times at the World’s Largest Polar Bear Prison
Roche Will Focus on Genia’s Nanopore Technology for Dx Market After Ending Deal With PacBio
NIH discusses curbing lab size to fund more midcareer scientists
Lack of Ecological and Life History Context Can Create the Illusion of Social Interactions in Dictyostelium discoideum


Obamacare repeal means a $197,000 tax cut for the 0.1 percent
Trump’s outrageous lies come straight from big businesses’ playbook
The chilling stories behind Japan’s ‘evaporating people’
NSA Inspector General, Who Once Said Snowden Is Manic Thief, May Be Fired For Whistleblower Retaliation
Democrats’ policies are more popular. But Republicans are more ideologically unified.
Beyond Resistance: The Story of 2016
Sex toys used to help chase off armed robber at San Bernardino shop
The GOP coup in North Carolina previews what we’re going to see everywhere
Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy?
After authorities did not charge her rapist, U student fought back
The Democratic Party isn’t going to back down from defending minority rights
How Never-Built Architecture Negotiated New York City’s Grid
North Carolina Republicans lost. So they’re trying to change the rules.
The Worst of the Worst
NBC’s Denver Affiliate 9News Apologies on Air to Naked Capitalism
Why America needs a socialist movement
This Is Your Life in Silicon Valley
Virginia Venue Harassed For Declining To Host Pro-Trump ‘Deploraball’

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