Links 12/10/16

Links for you. Science:

Meet the Anti-Science Extremist Who Could Transform the EPA
The Largest Mammal That No Scientist Has Ever Seen in the Wild
Computer glitch blamed for European Mars lander crash
D.C. Prepares For Heat Emergencies To Nearly Double By 2020, Among Other Climate Change Effects
California Condors Have Been Endangered Since Humans Arrived In America


The Candidates for DNC Chair Should Debate Each Other in Public
Reddit Bans Subreddit Dedicated To Harassing Comet Ping Pong
How We Can Fight Trump
What Can We Learn About Betsy DeVos From Her Husband’s Charter School?
Why Do White Working-Class People Vote Against Their Interests? They Don’t. Corporate Democrats have never advanced their interests—and at least Republicans offer a persuasive story about why they are getting screwed
The Alt-Right Is Using Trump
German media demands military buildup in response to US election
Empire of Chaos: With President Trump, Is the American Experiment Over?
Elite, White Feminism Gave Us Trump: It Needs to Die
Donald Trump Can’t Bring ‘That’ America Back
When Trump Towers Fall
Trump’s Victory Has Fearful Minorities Buying Up Guns
For 40 years, the managerial class has delivered flat wages, destroyed the New Deal, resegregated schools thru economics. But sure, dude
The complete bedshitting of establishment news orgs on matters Trump all comes down to … reblogging
Trump: I Won the Popular Vote. I Did, I Did, I Did….

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