Links 12/05/16

Links for you. Science:

Source of Elizabethkingia Outbreak Eludes Investigators
What data patterns can lie behind a correlation coefficient?
African elephants are being born without tusks due to poaching, researchers say
A Long-Gone Parasite Returns to Florida, Leaving a Trail of Dead Deer
Fishing industry looks to Trump to undo marine monument designation


J.D. Vance, the False Prophet of Blue America (excellent)
House Passes Bill That Lets Government Contractors Fire People For Being LGBT
A Note on the Effect of Rising Trade Exposure on the 2016 Presidential Election (pdf)
Researchers have found a troubling new cause of death for middle-aged white Americans
Not Us, Me
Toxic Nostalgia
Brexit and Trump have exposed the left’s crucial flaw: playing by the rules
Stop Blaming the Voters
‘Why would I leave? It’s my home.’
Amway is an illegal pyramid scheme.
Bill’s ‘Buy America’ Provision Sets Up Potential Clash for GOP, Donald Trump
“There’s No Check on Trump Except Reality”: A Q&A With Wayne Barrett
Republicans are making ‘voter fraud’ a weapon so that they never lose again

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2 Responses to Links 12/05/16

  1. ocschwarmri says:

    Elizabethkingia story is behind a paywall. Can we have a TLDR please?

  2. jrkrideau says:

    House Passes Bill That Lets Government Contractors Fire People For Being LGBT

    It seems like only a year or so ago I was saying that the USA had finally arrived in the 20th Century. It seems to be rapidly regressing. Torquemada may soon be reappearing, this time in Washington.

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