Links 12/4/16

Links for you. Science:

Is PromethION a Strategic Error? (for bacterial genomics, the key thing is lots of parallel sequencing of relatively small amounts of sequence so you don’t have to multiplex)
21st Century Cures Act will distort the meaning of ‘FDA approved’ (I actually think fast-tracking antibiotics and anti-fungals is a good idea though)
Destruction of the Amazon is speeding up — at a time when the planet can least afford it
Fear, Then Skepticism, Over Antibiotic-Resistant Genes in Beijing Smog
How Will Trump Use Science to Further His Political Agenda?


Trump Is Already Exerting His Power Over Public Space in D.C.: Our town vs. Trump town
Rainbow Flags Are Going Up In Mike Pence’s New D.C. Neighborhood
Still Missing the Horror of Medicare Phaseout (there is no such thing as a healthy seventy year-old, only degrees of ill health)
Bowser Wants To Make It Harder For Non-D.C. Residents To Use Homeless Shelters
Our Amazon addiction is clogging up our cities—and bikes might be the best solution
Incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Is a Big Fan of Milo Yiannopoulos
David Brooks and the Intellectual Collapse of the Center (been saying this for eight years)
Warning: This Trump Hire Is Hazardous To Your Health (And Not Just Your Medicare)
Democrats will botch the resistance against Trump
Another Post-Mortem
This Is the First Step Toward Undoing Some Damage of the 2016 Election
Yes, the Rust Belt demands an answer. But does anyone know what it is?
There are four proposals to save Metro. Which might prevail?
A top Trump campaign volunteer in Michigan guilty on 10 felony counts
Your semi-regular reminder that millions of more people voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump
It is ironic to tell entertainers to shut up about politics when we just elected a greasy reality show host to the highest fucking office.
There have been just four documented cases of voter fraud in the 2016 election
Too Much Stigma, Not Enough Persuasion (leaving aside word games, Sanders’ actions and policies aren’t even remotely ‘white supremacist’)
How Trump is making America meaner
Dupont Circle Residents Bristle at Vacant Rowhouses Drawing Squatters

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  1. Chris G says:

    > there is no such thing as a healthy seventy year-old, only degrees of ill health

    So I’m doing an intake interview for a new PCP and the PA asks me if I have any health issues. I say “Middle age.” To which she replies, “Well, 50 is the new 70.” She caught her mistake but it was an amusing five seconds until she did.

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