Links 12/3/16

Links for you. Science:

Putin’s Great Patriotic Pseudoscience
The new Secretary of Health and Human Services is a member of a fringe medical organization. Here’s what that means.
22 Nobel Prize winners urge Trump to respect ‘scientific integrity and independence’
Meeting with Trump emboldens anti-vaccine activists, who see an ally in the Oval Office


The Looming Revolution in Jewish American Politics
Paying Breitbart’s bills: Advertisers pulling away from hateful content now that Steve Bannon is in the White House
Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Joke Letter to Trump: He Has to Sell the Stuff (“If he chooses not to [sell off his empire], then Trump is constitutionally unable to be president, just as if he was born in Kenya. It’s that simple.”)
With one phone call, Donald Trump might have upturned America’s relationship with both Pakistan and India
I think people underestimate the degree to which the alt-right is an anti-Asian movement. (with a strong anti-Indian subcontinent bias; East Asians are seen as the ‘good ones’)
Forget the Wall. If You Want Less Illegal Immigration, Go After Employers.
What Populism? Trump’s America Is Party Time for the Corporate Elite
The Alt-Right’s Jewish Godfather
Metro board member suggests killing Silver Line in apparent bid to pressure Va.
The case for normalizing Trump (need to do both; some make nice, some hit him hard)
Dems Pile On Trump’s Treasury Pick: ‘The Forrest Gump Of The Financial Crisis’Dems Pile On Trump’s Treasury Pick: ‘The Forrest Gump Of The Financial Crisis’
More bogus “new centrism” from David Brooks: America needs this No Labels BS now less than ever
Don’t be fooled by Trump’s deal to save some Carrier jobs
Elizabeth Warren Proposes to Strengthen Democratic Spines With a Powerful New Tool: Math
“Durr, It’s A Republic, Not a Democracy, Durr” And Other Terrible Arguments
Breitbart — and its new conservative allies — declares ‘war’ after Kellogg pulls ads from website

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2 Responses to Links 12/3/16

  1. Min says:

    It’s a democratic republic. Get over it.

  2. jrkrideau says:

    Putin’s Great Patriotic Pseudoscience
    Good lord, Russia is descending to the level of the US Republican Party. Check Lamar Smith if you think I’m kidding.

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