Links 11/23/16

Links for you. Science:

Why Trump is bad for public health
Across Texas, growing clusters of unvaccinated children
How farming changed the dog
Conservatives, liberals team up against animal research


You Can Keep Studying White Working Class Voters, But We Know the Answers: This story has been unravelling for decades.
Trumponomics: It’s Not All Crazy
Jewish Protesters Demand Donald Trump Fire Steve Bannon At D.C. Transition Office
Metro Board — But Not D.C. Members — Is Leaning Toward Early Rail Closings After SafeTrack (killing any notion of Metro being a mass transit system)
Trump’s attorney general pick opposed Violence Against Women Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal
Michael Flynn, Trump’s reported pick for national security adviser, sat in on intel briefings — while advising foreign clients
The GOP’s Anti-LGBT, Anti-Women ‘Religious Freedom’ Law on Steroids
‘I voted for Trump! You lost!’: White Starbucks customer accuses barista of ‘discrimination’
Mike Pence Will Be the Most Powerful Christian Supremacist in U.S. History
Listening to Trump
America’s First All-Renewable-Energy City
The Electoral College Was Created to Stop Demagogues Like Trump (published in Time; not sure I agree, though it would be ironic if the original intention people got fucked over by this)
League Of The South Hails Trump, Wants ‘No Mercy’ Towards ‘Jews, Minorities And Anti-White Whites’
Democrats Blame ‘Voter Suppression’ For Clinton Loss At Their Peril
After Trump, Soul-Searching In Silicon Valley: “Sometimes I feel like we’re just a bunch of nerds who don’t know how to play the game.” (they are nerds who don’t know how to play the game)
Is Trump’s Victory the Jump-Start Civics Education Needed?

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  1. jrkrideau says:

    How farming changed the dog

    Does not give one a lot of faith in Wheatbelly and other such idiotic books, does it?
    I do remember reading something that called a dog a “garbarator on 4 legs”

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