Links 11/17/16

Links for you. Science:

OB/GYNs report a surge in IUD requests due to Trump Terror
OpGen, Merck to Co-Develop Antibiotic Resistance Dx, Informatics
The World’s Coconuts Are in Danger
Medical science policy in the U.S. under Donald Trump


What Went Down in Massachusetts (some inspirational good news)
Progressive fundamentalism: how Hollywood and the media fortify the bubbles we all live in (must-read)
The Republican Healthcare Plan: Gut Medicare and Blame Obama
The whole Democratic Party is now a smoking pile of rubble
The Democrats’ Deadly Error
Imagine if you substitute this for every preening celebrity endorsement (the video–I fail to see how taking this approach in the Midwest marginalizes minorities)
Pope Francis Says He Has Lost Faith In American Christians
Why the White Working Class Rebelled: Neoliberalism is Killing Them (Literally)
Give Trump a chance? Give me a break.
More Democrats Should Be Talking Like Harry Reid Right Now
Bernie’s empire strikes back: In state after state, supporters of the Vermont senator’s presidential bid are challenging the Democratic establishment for party control
No, Let’s Not Congratulate Him
Your Taxes Are About to Change—Perhaps Not the Way You Think
The Daily Trump Shitshow Is About to Begin
White supremacists target Hillary Clinton supporters in new harassment campaign
I’ve been thinking a lot about the meeting between Trump and Obama at the White House
In record numbers, Latinos voted overwhelmingly against Trump. We did the research.
How Donald Trump exploited the rickety foundation of the Obama coalition
Where Even Nightmares Are Classified: Psychiatric Care at Guantánamo
Official White House Photographer Pete Souza Reveals His Favourite Photos Of Obama

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2 Responses to Links 11/17/16

  1. daved says: says that story about the Pope losing faith in American Christians is unverified.

  2. sglover says:

    Vox again? There’s no shortage of good post-mortems about the Dems.

    I’m sorry to kick a dead horse, but Vox is part of a navel-gazing ecosystem that’s been keeping Dems (voters, not Vox-type Beltway tapeworms) in a delusional state for years. TPM. Maddow, Krugman — it’s a long list, but they’ve all done their part to assure Dems that by following the One True DNC Path, they could never ever find themselves in the wilderness, surrounded by strange beasts .

    Since it does no good to simply bash, here’s an excellent lecture that puts Trump’s win in historical and economic context. It’s long-ish, about an hour and a half, but well worth it: Mark Blyth on “Global Trumpism”

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