2016 Endorsements

Which, depending on how I’m feeling, might influence one voter (me). Anyway…

President: Hillary Clinton. It’s not that she’s awesome, though electing our first woman president would be a very good thing. But Trump is horrible in so many ways, and if Republicans are allowed to run rampant, the country will suffer far more. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either ignorant of or has forgotten what Reagan and Bush did. In addition, Clinton will definitely appoint better Supreme Court and federal circuit court judges, which will protect voting rights and other civil rights. There’s no point in dwelling on domestic policy, since Republicans in the House have made it clear they’re not going to let anything pass. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but that’s the choice we face. And even if you live in a ‘safe’ state, we need to run up the score on this. The Republican Party needs an internal Reconstruction, and that won’t happen without a walloping.

Massachusetts: Vote no on #2. Regardless of what one thinks about charters, this bill would decrease funding to public schools. It’s so bad that even Boston’s mayor, who sat on the board of a charter school, has opposed this item.

We take a break here to note, that unlike most readers, as a citizen of the District of Columbia, America’s mainland colony, I have no meaningful Congressional representation. Just saying. So onto local endorsements…

Advisory Referendum on the State of New Columbia Admission Act Resolution of 2016: Vote Yes. Speaking of being a colony… This would allow D.C. to get statehood–and congressional representation–via the Tennessee Option. Will a Republican-controlled House pass this? Of course not, but it lays the groundwork, if, somehow, national Democrats ever pull their heads out of their asses, and take back the Congress. Note that this item will appear on the reverse side of the ballot, so don’t forget.

Delegate to the House of Representatives: Eleanor Norton Holmes. Being a colonial, she can’t vote, but she still does good committee work and advocates for D.C.’s interest.

At-Large Member of the Council (2 positions): Robert White and David Grosso. White is a good vote as he advocates for both additional service and development east-of-the-river (usually, we get one or the other). Grosso is a strong progressive voice on many issues.

State Board of Education, At-Large Candidate: Mary Lord. She has done a good job and worked to ameliorate much of the potential harm by NCLB/Race To The Top.

State Board of Education, Ward 2: While he is running unopposed, this is a plea to not vote for Jack Jacobson. He has advocated for ‘neighborhood schools’, which makes it more difficult for poorer kids to have access to good schools, while at the same time driving up property values even more. D.C. needs a lottery system similar to that of Boston–Jacobson definitely won’t get us there.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, ANC2B09): This is another anti-endorsement against Ed Hanlon. While he has a good idea about being able to print out visitor parking passes, his main issue is to push for more on-street residential parking. Given that his district has both the frequent 14th and 16th Street lines and is minutes away from a Metro station, this is the kind of neighborhood where we should not be encouraging additional car ownership (not to mention that compared to a city like Boston, the alley parking is ample).

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  1. John Danley says:

    … and to avoid any Sinclair Lewis adumbrations, because pitchfork populism is systematically eroding the enlightenment.

  2. jemand says:

    Michigan Judges:
    Frank Szymanski: Currently judge in Detroit third county. Works with troubled kids, seems reasonable.
    Deborah Thomas: also currently Detroit judge. African American recovered from childhood polio– belief in restorative justice and education.

    I came up with these after an afternoon of googling. It was not entirely easy to figure things out, but I did my best. Dunno if you have any other Michigan readers though.

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