Links 10/28/16

Links for you. Science:

Cranberries squashed as folk remedy for urinary infections
HIV’s “Patient Zero” was exonerated long ago
The Answer to Zika May Be More Mosquitos
Do Wind Mills “Kill All the Birds?”
How Genomes Enabled Proteomics


‘We’re Not Helping Our Kids by Keeping the Deficit Down’ (must-read)
Please, Hillary, Stay Out of Syria
You Will Be Shocked Looking at These 30 Historic Photos of Lviv Pogroms in 1941 (you’ll notice the extent of violence against women)
Wall Street and Teacher Pensions: What Could Go Wrong?
Photographer captures what kittens look like mid-pounce
DCPL’s DC Punk Archive Releases a Mixtape For Its Second Anniversary
The Origins and Surprising Skepticism Behind the Alexandria Cryptozoology and Paranormal Society
Damaging analysis of Sanders’s single payer plan was likely a coordinated Clinton hit (Thorpe comes across as a real hack here)
Equitable Access to Care — How the United States Ranks Internationally
Watch Southerners Try to Pronounce Long Island Town Names
More About Attrition Rates in Boston Charter Schools
Vox, Concern Trolling for the Powerful, Shows Us How NOT to Write About the $15 Minimum Wage
Sumerian Civilization: Inventing the Future
The Democrats are likely to win a majority of House votes, but not a majority of House seats. Again.
Gridlock In Thailand
Lincoln, Hickenlooper and Ross included at top of Clinton’s ag secretary list

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