Links 10/24/16

Links for you. Science:

A changing climate for coral reefs
STD rates hit record high in U.S. as screening clinics close
Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump on science, energy, and the climate
Use of strongest antibiotics rises to record levels on European farms
Facial expressions—including fear—may not be as universal as we thought


To Feed Energy Demand, There Will Be Sprawl
Scenes From an American Rally
Pizza Man. He’s the hero that we deserve and the one that we need
You just never know when you’ll make a new friend
Railway worker saves a drunk on a rail line.
Facebook’s Child Workforce
Arguing For Return Of Late-Night Service, Advocates Pack A Metro Hearing
Disenfranchised by Bad Design: There is in fact a widespread problem with ballots in the United States: they’re often horribly designed
Would-be Bethesda Condo Buyers Can’t Sell Their Mega Mansions
What 130 of the Worst Shootings Say About Guns in America
“All the black and brown people have to leave”: Trump’s scary impact on how kids think
Panic, Anxiety Spark Rush to Build Luxury Bunkers for L.A.’s Superrich (excellent allocation of capital)
Tattoo Politics
An architecture expert reveals 20 of the ugliest McMansions in America
Documenting Trump’s Abuse of Women
How Humanities Can Help Fix the World
Americans Work 25% More Than Europeans, Study Finds
Student Writing in the Digital Age

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