Links 10/15/16

Links for you. Science:

New diabetes tech is coming. But will it make much difference?
The Black Death: At least one in three Europeans and untold millions in Asia died. What was the source of this brutal, lethal efficiency?
A two-fold challenge: the experience of women of color in genomics
When should I get the influenza vaccine?


In Leaked Speech, Clinton Promises Bankers to Stand Against Pot Legalization ‘In All Senses of the Word’
New data on highway deaths suggest that Congress needs to revisit speed limits, advocates say
How One 19-Year-Old Illinois Man Is Distorting National Polling Averages
As ObamaCare Death Spiral Continues, Flailing Institutions Attempt to Cope (I’m not as anti-ACA as the author–it has done some very good things–but the Massachusetts experience showed that either there would be companies leaving the marketplace or massive consolidation leading to higher prices. This was predictable and predicted, even if Very Prestigious Economists chose not to listen)
Dead Hogs and the Dirty Ground: America’s infrastructure problem is far worse than crumbling bridges and roads
Elizabeth Warren’s Work Is in Trouble: Thanks to a federal court featuring a wacko justice (voting Democratic matters, including down ballot. It really does)
The Russia Channel
Treasury finalizes an important rule to block tax avoidance
Wacky Far-Right Theory For Trump Tape Leak Gets Mainstream Play
D.C. Council Committee Advances Pro-Tenant Rent-Control Bills
Donald Trump’s D.C. Hotel Shows His Brand Is Sinking Along With His Poll Numbers
What Cities Have the Most People Living Near Rapid Transit?
It Ain’t Over
Why the hell is the US helping Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen? A brief guide.
Democrats — the party of the professional class?

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