Links 10/9/16

Links for you. Science:

UC Davis researcher killed in Ethiopia remembered fondly
NIH always jukes the stats in their favor
Community-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus: An Enemy amidst Us
Flint Hit With Bacterial Illness as Residents Shun City Water
Focus on NLM Scientists: Kim Pruitt Has Built a Career on Passion and Persistence


When 2016 is over, the GOP will pretend Donald Trump never existed
Popup ads are terrible and they’re even worse for the blind
Cheh: Bowser Administration Cooperating With DGS Probe
With this election, this country is feeling more like what used to be called a 3rd world country
How Trump and Clinton Gave Bad Answers on US Nuclear Policy….And Why You Should Be Worried
No, Hillary, young voters aren’t naive. The system doesn’t work for them
Carl Hart: ‘I would much rather my own children interact with drugs than with the police’
When You Hear the Margin of Error Is Plus or Minus 3 Percent, Think 7 Instead
A tarnished Gold Butte after the Bundy standoff
How Hillary Can Make a Huge Economic Impact in Her First Term
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan delays funding for transitway in upper Montgomery (Republicants!)
This Beautiful Art Nouveau Telescope Can Be Yours
Alec Baldwin Is a Perfect Donald Trump
The Problem With Progressives Defending What Clinton Said In Hacked Audio
U.S. officials welcome new Zika funding, but say delays hurt

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