Links 10/3/16

Links for you. Science:

NPR’s gonna NPR
Polls and Sampling Errors in the Presidental Debate Results
CDC whistleblower claims agency has been using wrong Zika test
Science Is What Made America Great
Ancient Roman coins unearthed from castle ruins in Okinawa


Why Is It So Close? (post-debate, it still holds up)
So Just Who Are These Undecided Voters?
Five myths about the Middle Ages
Mass deportation isn’t just impractical. It’s very, very dangerous.
More bigotry from the Trump brigade
Duterte, Citing Hitler, Says He Wants to Kill 3 Million Addicts in Philippines
Millennials aren’t the problem. They are the solution, as they were with Obama
‘Control Fraud’ – Corrupt Bankers Do It, Congress Ignores It
Black and White
“US Special Forces sabotage White House policy gone disastrously wrong with covert ops in Syria” – TTG
View from the barber’s chair: In Florida even blacks and Hispanics may be turning against Hillary Clinton
D.C. May Become The Second Place To Ban Employers From Asking About Salary History
Ambivalent Hillary Voters: Don’t Assume Someone Else Will Stop Trump
Your Vote for Jill Stein Is a Wasted Vote
Striking Prisoners Say Their Guards Have Joined In

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