President Trump’s First Term Is Nightmare Fuel

I know there are lots of people who are really unhappy with Clinton, but a Trump administration would be a complete nightmare (boldface mine):

But signing executive orders starts the process, and Trump’s advisers are weighing several options for the First Day Project: He can renounce the Paris Agreement on greenhouse-gas emissions, much as George W. Bush, in 2002, “unsigned” American support for the International Criminal Court. He can re-start exploration of the Keystone pipeline, suspend the Syrian refugee program, and direct the Commerce Department to bring trade cases against China. Or, to loosen restrictions on gun purchases, he can relax background checks.

It gets worse:

Trump would have the opportunity to alter the Supreme Court, with one vacancy to fill immediately and others likely to follow. Three sitting Justices are in their late seventies or early eighties…

A President has the unilateral authority to renegotiate a nuclear deal with Iran, to order a ban on Muslims, and to direct the Justice Department to give priority to certain offenses, with an eye to specific targets. During the campaign, he has accused Amazon of “getting away with murder tax-wise,” and vowed, if he wins, “Oh, do they have problems.”

…“The hard-line forces in Iran are looking for a way in which this deal can unravel, but they won’t be blamed for it,” he said. “This would be their ideal solution. The Iranians would say, ‘You’ve abrogated your end, so we’re going to reconstitute our nuclear program.’ ”

Then there’s his plan to make abortion illegal.

Let’s move on to criminal justice (boldface mine):

For Trump, this is a problem of “law and order,” not of mass incarceration, urban disinvestment, or bad, punitive priorities for policing. It’s a matter of allowing the cops to be “very much tougher than they are right now.”

Trump doesn’t have a criminal justice agenda, but note how easy it would be to fill in a policy agenda once that problem is established. An enterprising young ladder-climber in a Trump administration could easily fill out solutions. Let’s spitball some: kill any attempts at sentencing reform going on in Congress. Extend funding for the creation of new jails and prisons. Disavow the “White House Task Force on 21st Century Policing” and create a new commission staffed only by police-friendly experts. Appoint people to the Department of Justice who will refuse to investigate cities and municipalities for police abuses. Appoint judges who are against the rights of the accused. And so forth. It’s not surprising that the largest police union supports Trump. If you think law and order is the wrong problem, as I do, none of these are convincing solutions no matter how detailed they get.

That will kill even more people, especially those who aren’t white.

Clinton isn’t great–not by a long-shot–but she is better than the alternative.

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5 Responses to President Trump’s First Term Is Nightmare Fuel

  1. Reblogged this on Wide Awake But Dreaming and commented:
    As I’ve said, putting Trump in the WH is the same as burning down your house because your burger wasn’t cooked the way you wanted.

  2. jonolan says:

    Even if one believe that Trump could and would bother to do those things, that’s not a nightmare for Americans; it’s a dream. True, it’d be a nightmare for Americans’ domestic enemies, but such should be their punishment.

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  4. Gingerbaker says:

    You know what would be ten times worse than a Trump presidency?:

    A Democratic party which defrauded Sanders out of the nomination, and then nobody on the left seemed to care.

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