Links 9/4/16

Links for you. Science:

More evidence of the generational screw job in NIH grant award (excellent)
‘Like it’s been nuked’: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes
There’s One Obvious Solution To Hawaii’s Feral Cat Problem
NIH sued for promotion bias against women in the Intramural Research Program
Americans love genetically modified mosquitoes much more than other GMOs


An alien notion: 800,000 DC residents
The Mysterious Private Police Force That’s Killing People In The Nation’s Capital
Bet you’ve never seen quite this solution to the trolley problem…
Who trusts Clinton?
The new TTIP? Meet TISA, the ‘secret privatisation pact that poses a threat to democracy’
Inside the Republican creation of the North Carolina voting bill dubbed the ‘monster’ law
Are PhD Students Irrational?
Risky alone, deadly together. Overdosing on prescription drug combinations plays a part in the growing rates of premature death among white women
By Any Means or None
The Revenge of Roger’s Angels
Unhealthy healthcare: workers pay
‘The Market Is Saturated’: Brooklyn’s Rental Boom May Turn Into a Glut (though not for people who aren’t the NYT target audience: “while median rents on entry-level apartments had climbed by 50 percent to $2,481 from 2009 to 2016, those at the borough’s highest end had fallen by about 4 percent, to a median of $4,783.”)
Colin Kaepernick Is Righter Than You Know: The National Anthem Is a Celebration of Slavery
Attack of the killer robots
The University of Chicago, Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces
When Slate liberals go rogue

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2 Responses to Links 9/4/16

  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Political science professor Jacqueline Stevens says she was banned from Northwestern’s campus

    Political science Prof. Jacqueline Stevens wrote in a recent blog post that the administration banned her from Northwestern’s campus in July based on reports of faculty “feeling unsafe” in her presence….

  2. Molly Cruz says:

    Has the Presidency Itself Become a Red Herring?

    Certainly this administration, once the hostile Congress settled in, was rendered that. But given the actual restrictions of the office, (“Not a Mom and Pop store”, said Jesse Jackson as he campaigned for the office decades ago) the President often spends much of his time in office hobbled. And even more so now as things wind down, as the job of appointing a Supreme Court Justice has been hijacked, with the caveat of simply not having a hearing, apparently, by a rebellious Congress which I think should be sued for this treasonous behavior.

    Clearly D Trump is not running a serious campaign, he’s not emotionally or intellectually up to the job, but neither was McCain. They both agreed to put on a show, grab all the dough they could in the process, and happily avoid having to take office. Where all that unspent Super Pac money goes,as Colbert demonstrated, nobody has to know. Trump seems to be using it to balance his spotty books, something I suspect he had in mind from the beginning.

    And why not? The various messes the GOP hatched from Bush to Bush, have left the party’s reeking Karma in piles everywhere. The consequences of their actions drained the economy, loaded the national debt, as it went from zero to countless billions, which left States cutting funding for social reforms as the jobless rate shot up; clear formulas for chaos and distress. Only a generation can detach them from their destruction, here, there and everywhere.

    Anyone at the helm will be burdened with the blame for the state of things, given the attention span of the average schmo, and it will stick. He is a sitting duck as well, as the Secret Service has allowed invasions by air and land during the past few years, right up to a guy in the East Wing with a knife. Are we to believe these aren’t in-house threats disguised as accidents? Isn’t it logical to attribute those acts that seem counter-intuitive to his normal zeitgeist. to Obama having the not-so-proverbial gun to his head?

    Really, given the drawbacks fame inflicts on all who would seek it; who would really want to be President?

    I think it’s time for Virtual Leaders, who take referendums and represent constituents according to feedback, rather than personal feelings, as machines don’t have them, nor vanities for that matter.
    The voters would vote for an overall program, the virtual candidate would respond to their opinions, and make choices informed by that program. It’s only logical.

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