Links 9/1/16

Links for you. Science:

The United States Has an Emergency Fund for Natural Disasters. Why Not for Pandemics?
My personal thoughts on gene name errors (amazing how many news agencies got it wrong)
Opinion: Science in the age of selfies
Monster slugs are devouring defenceless baby birds in nests
Five myths about mosquitoes


Warren Hinckle’s Truth-to-Power Journalism and Politics Broke the Conventional Wisdom
Why we should get three-day weekends – all the time
Should We Trust the Republicans Who Published a Letter Denouncing Trump?
A Southern city wants to secede from its school district, raising concerns about segregation
A Basic Income Would Upend America’s Work Ethic—and That’s a Good Thing
Basically, Donald Trump’s Border Wall Already Exists
How the charter school lobby is changing the Democratic Party
What Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, Microsoft and IBM Teach Us About Competitive Markets
Meet The Colorado Senate Candidate Who Believes In Fetal Personhood And Spying On Your Neighbors
Two decades after welfare reform, more deep poverty and fewer college degrees
The Collateral Damage of Neoliberalism
Close The Clinton Foundation
DC has almost no white residents without college degrees. (It’s a different story for black residents.)
D.C. Takes Homes From Developer, Plans To Turn Them Into Affordable Housing
How three-day weekends can help save the world — and us, too
NIMBYism in Ward 3

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