Links 8/22/16

Links for you. Science:

The Opossum: L.A.’s Most Anxious Animal (“When you get an arrow through your frontal lobe, it kind of lobotomizes you”)
From Dinosaur Sidewalk to Ray Buffet: Trace fossils are not always what they seem.
What Does It Take To Map A Walrus Hangout? 160 Years And A Lot Of Help
How Researchers Discovered the Basketball ‘Hot Hand’
New “Bionic” Leaf Is Roughly 10 Times More Efficient Than Natural Photosynthesis


Generational Wealth (must-read)
Suburban Poverty Meets Homeowner’s Associations
The Elite “Let Them Eat Education” Fallacy
Aetna, cynicism and Pennsylvania
Was your neighborhood “obsolete” in 1950?
Debate the Billionaires! (worth noting that the DCCC is doing nothing to help Teachout. Quelle surprise…)
I Fear I’m Becoming A Masshole
It sure looks like Aetna quit Obamacare because Obama opposed their merger (this)
Walmart’s out-of-control crime problem is driving police crazy
How the Trumps Got Rich (Marxist analysis of the Trump fortune is amusing–and not inaccurate)
Inside the Real US Ground War On ISIS
How Standardized Testing Killed My School
Trump Is Self-Sabotaging His Campaign Because He Never Really Wanted The Job In The First Place (could be…)
The Conservative Movement Has No Decency: Framing Donald Trump as an indecent anomaly exonerates the movement and party that produced him.
The Government Is Classifying Too Many Documents
Trading Places: If the Democrats Are Now a Coastal Elite Party and the GOP Are the Populists, Trump Is Only the Beginning
Why I’m betting $100 that Hillary Clinton will be a one-term president
I’m a doctor these are the things I find concerning with Trump’s medical letter
How schools that obsess about standardized tests ruin them as measures of success (nothing I haven’t written about a gajillion times, but still good)

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  1. ocschwar says:

    The self-sabotage theory is bizarre from my perspective, because really, Trump can save face by claiming physical illness and withdraw any time.

    And nobody would call out the lie, even if he ran a marathon the next day.

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