Links 8/20/16

Links for you. Science:

Clinton endorses Biden’s cancer program, says she’ll ‘take up the charge’
NIH sets new postdoc stipend levels
Hundreds of baby spiders just burst out of the ground — and zookeepers are delighted
Hard Times in Venezuela Breed Malaria as Desperate Flock to Mines
Giant Coral Reef in Protected Area Shows New Signs of Life


A Cute Joke Gone Too Far
From Headbanger To Hasid: One Man’s Journey Since Heavy Metal Parking Lot
Donald Trump is the least of the GOP’s problems
Smart growth requires more than roads
It might be the end of Trump, but real story of campaign was always Sanders
I’m Addicted to Garbage Gadgets
The Greatest Social Challenge of our Generation
How Suburban Poverty Affects Seniors
Democrats’ ed reform pivot
When Police Are Poor Role Models for One Another
The Summer of the Shill
Skills gap for US manufacturing workers mostly a myth, paper says
‘It’s because I had my period’: swimmer Fu Yuanhui praised for breaking taboo
Why so many fast-casual chains get started in Washington
McMansions 101: What Makes a McMansion Bad Architecture?
We’re under attack from climate change—and our only hope is to mobilize like we did in WWII.
The lost infrastructure of social media.

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2 Responses to Links 8/20/16

  1. Charles Sullivan says:

    That McMansions 101 blog is hilarious.

  2. Gingerbaker says:

    I’m afraid that all the reports of the immanent death of the Republican party are greatly exaggerated. They have gerrymandered districts, all the money in the world, the media wrapped around their finger, and the most rudderless flock of Democrats we have ever seen.

    Does anyone really believe they will lose a house of Congress? Seriously?

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