Winter Olympics 2078: Nuuk?

Future generations will most likely despise us for our unwillingness to do much about climate change (boldface mine):

But preliminary results of an ongoing study published Friday in the journal Lancet warn that infrastructure and security issues could be dwarfed by another huge problem for potential host cities in coming years: it could become simply too hot and humid for many cities to host the games at all.

The study, written by a group of U.S. and Australian researchers, looked at how global climate change would affect the viability of host cities in 2085. In less than eighty years, the researchers concluded, only eight cities in the Northern Hemisphere — outside of Western Europe — will have a cool enough climate to host the summer games. No cities in Latin America or Africa would be viable hosts for the games, and only three North American cities — Calgary, Vancouver, and San Francisco — would qualify.

“The climate could be so bad in 70 years that the Games will change forever,” Kirk Smith, a professor of public health at Berkeley, and co-author of the findings, told SFGate. “They might hold the Summer Games indoors, but can you imagine running an indoor marathon?”

…For the high-emissions scenario, only six of the 19 past host cities for the Winter Olympics would be able to host the games. Under a low-emissions scenario, by the 2080s, only 10 previous hosts would be able to host the games.

Kidding about Nuuk aside, there probably won’t be a Winter Olympics–where could you host it? And at what altitude?

I blame Big Climatology. That’s what Fox News tells me anyway…

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