Links 8/13/16

Links for you. Science:

Money for New Antibiotics – What Could be Wrong with That?
Prominent global warming doubter says there was a “hit list” apparently targeting climate scientists
The postdoc experience: hopes and fears
Dog eat dog: is a troubled expedition to Kenya causing the Smithsonian to devour its young?
Photographer documents the stunning fungi found in China and Thailand


I could only afford to live in a truck. But I still wasn’t eligible for food stamps
Government Statistics May Be Wrong, But They’re Not Manipulated
Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders are the most popular political figures in America
So far, the Seattle minimum-wage increase is doing what it’s supposed to do
My socialism
Hillary Clinton’s Embrace of Kissinger Is Inexcusable (yes, it is)
Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice
Government Has Gutted Its Independent Research
Baltimore Police Used Force 2,818 Times In Six Years. They Found One Violation.
Of course a large part of what draws voters to Trump is outright racism… Yet if you think racism is the only factor, and that Trump voters are just dumb racists, you are wrong, and only helping Trump.
Why Is Hillary Clinton Bragging About This Endorsement? (“Negroponte’s role as the Pontius Pilate of Central America”)
Trump: God’s Gift to Hillary Clinton
Letter of Resignation from the Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commission
Donald Trump Is the GOP’s Disease in Its Terminal Stage
A Public-School Paradox: Why do so many presidents send their kids to private school?
Fascist demagogues, gaslighting and the good Germans
How to talk about female Olympians without being a regressive creep – a handy guide

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  1. sglover says:

    “Hillary Clinton’s Embrace of Kissinger Is Inexcusable”

    “Why Is Hillary Clinton Bragging About This Endorsement?”

    Why is anyone surprised by either of these developments? Especially anyone whose “job” entails writing about American politics?

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