The Odd Thing About The Democrats’ Big Tent Approach: The Missing Identity

Since the Democratic convention, when it became clear that Democrats are trying to attract Republicans repulsed by Il Trumpe, there has been a lot of discussion about how Republican voters–more precisely, college-educated ones (the white part is implicit)–could be pulled from the Republicans’ orbit. Yet, when it comes to non-college educated whites (‘the white working class’), there is a general consensus that they are unreachable.

It’s almost like there’s an implicit identification occurring, that none dare mention. Puzzling.

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2 Responses to The Odd Thing About The Democrats’ Big Tent Approach: The Missing Identity

  1. Gene Doctor says:

    Seems to me it’s the uneducated part of that equation that the Democrats can’t reach – I think we all know why, too.

  2. Jane Hay says:

    Gene Doctor: Ayup! My daily contact with rightwinger co-workers/friends/relatives has educated me LOL. When you subscribe to the whole “southern redneck” culture meme, which most of them do, even if unconsciously, it is VERY difficult to re-educate them. They are getting their news from Fixed Noise and talk radio/Rushbo. These lies are fed to them 24/7 from the time they are teenagers, and they never look beyond the propaganda. It would require a herculean education effort for them to learn to research/evaluate claims and go with evidence. Evidence-based thinking is totally alien where their politics and religion are concerned. Never gonna happen.

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