Links 8/4/16

Links for you. Science:

Expert to Rio athletes: ‘Don’t put your head under water’
This is a most excellent guide for deciding which species to study
Sham Poo Washes Out (my take here)
Jill Stein and left wing antivaccine dog whistles
Obama to Leave the White House a Nerdier Place Than He Found It


Clinton? Trump? Either Way, Count on Deficit Spending to Rise (note to progressives: this is a good thing)
Clinton, Trump and Budget-Busting Tax Cuts (see previous note)
Does Elon Musk Understand Urban Geometry? (really important point about driveless cars)
Many young voters don’t see a difference between Clinton and Trump on climate
Is This the Future of Bernie’s Revolution? A small, progressive political party is in Philadelphia looking to capitalize on his movement (it’s worth noting that the WFP endorsed Cuomo, and almost immediately thereafter regretted it. No one’s perfect I guess…)
Why this black Bernie Sanders delegate says he doesn’t have the luxury of going “Bernie or Bust”
A new American radical liberalism can counter Trump
Economic Anxiety Really Is (Part of) the Reason White Men Are So Pissed Off
This Sociologist Spent Five Years on LA’s Hyper-Policed Skid Row. Here’s What He Learned.
America the Terrible: Why Donald Trump’s pessimistic worldview resonates with Republican voters in 2016
How Ohio will be won
How Can the Hospitals That Serve D.C.’s Poor Keep Up?
The Uncertain Future and the American Election
GMOs lead the fight against Zika, Ebola and the next unknown pandemic
Why is Clinton the Only Presidential Candidate Who Isn’t Pandering to Anti-Vaxxers? (Sanders was clear about not being anti-vaxx as well)

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