Just When I Thought The Republican Platform Was Boring

Some previous Republican Party platforms have been pretty nutty, but 2016’s, while containing the same warmed-over failed policies and slogans, is pretty dull (pdf).

Fortunately, this section, “Protection Against an Electromagnetic Pulse”, brings the crazy:

A single nuclear weapon detonated at high altitude over this country would collapse our electrical grid and other critical infrastructures and endanger the lives of millions. With North Korea in possession of nuclear missiles and Iran close to having them, an EMP is no longer a theoretical concern — it is a real threat. Moreover, China and Russia include sabotage as part of their warfare planning. Nonetheless, hundreds of electrical utilities in the United States have not acted to protect themselves from EMP, and they cannot be expected to do so voluntarily since homeland security is a government responsibility. The President, the Congress, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the States, the utilities, and the private sector should work together on an urgent basis to enact Republican legislation, pending in both chambers protect the national grid and encourage states to take the initiative to protect their own grids expeditiously.

It’s clearly tacked on to the end. I’m guessing there are some campaign contributors who view this as another source of government contracts, while gulling the rubes.

Besides, I thought we’re all supposed to be afraid of ‘crime’?

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3 Responses to Just When I Thought The Republican Platform Was Boring

  1. scottfree43 says:

    We are all supposed to be afraid. It doesn’t matter to them afraid of what. Just in case you were not feeling afraid of crime, immigrants, LGBTQ folk, or Ted Cruz’s father, here is something else.

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    … since homeland security is a government responsibility.

    News flash: Republicans acknowledge a legitimate role for government

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