Links 7/22/16

Links for you. Science:

Old Teeth Tell New Stories About People Who Didn’t Get Enough Sun
Zika case in Florida could have come from local mosquito, a first in continental US
CDC Director: ‘This Is No Way to Fight an Epidemic’
The microbiome bubble seems to be inflating wildly
Too Many Deer on the Road? Let Cougars Return, Study Says


Life and loss on Methadone Mile (must-read; also see the photographic essay)
The Machine of Morbius (excellent)
What the Trident Debate taught us about government spending: Nobody knows how much Trident will cost in monetary terms. Ever wondered why? (important for non-UK-ians as well)
Study shows increased police use of force on black men is not justified by greater crime
In race for register of deeds, there are some who actually want to do the job
Violence, Blood and Betrayal inside the Trump Potemkin Village
It’s Like Uber But for the Dispossessed
What Ailes The Republican Party?
How Melania Trump’s Speech Veered Off Course and Sparked an Uproar
Twitter Just Permanently Suspended Conservative Writer Milo Yiannopoulos
An Indiana town recovering from 190 HIV cases
When Yahoo Ruled the Valley: Stories of the Original ‘Surfers’
Congressional Democrats Introduce Transformative Automatic Voter Registration Bill
Berta Cáceres and the California Desert
Is “Lesser Of Two Evils” Going To Be Good Enough In November? What Does The Democratic Party Claim To Be Offering?
Actually, Democrats Still Love Each Other XOXO
Michael Grunwald on governance, the GOP and Donald Trump

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