Links 7/17/16

Links for you. Science:

My letter to @POTUS asking him to stop journals from claiming copyright in US gov work, as @JAMA_current did to him
We need to call American breakfast what it often is: dessert
Arizona Measles Outbreak Is Fueled By Our Tax Dollars Funding For-Profit Prisons
The Unbearably Slow Adoption of Genetic Cancer Tests
How Square Watermelons Get Their Shape, and Other G.M.O. Misconceptions (excellent)


Why We Actually Don’t Know Whether Police Are More Or Less Likely To Shoot At Black Suspects
“Ghettoside” Author Jill Leovy on What We Have Learned Since Rodney King
Here’s Audio of What Sounds Like an NYPD Captain Pressuring an Officer to Target Black Men
Texas’ Gun Culture and Politics Made Dallas Shooting Inevitable
Bernie Sanders just endorsed Clinton. Here’s how he’ll keep his movement alive.
Stuck: Traffic is ruining our lives—but we can be saved
Another Look at Police Shootings of Unarmed Civilians
The wrong state to have an accident: Obamacare was supposed to improve health care equality. But for some people, state politics has made the problem much worse
THIS ELECTION IS GOING TO BE A NAILBITER (from day one, the ‘electability’ arguments were ridiculous)
Republicans just escalated the war over ExxonMobil and climate change
Obama’s Big Flip-Flop to Save Obamacare: A public option for the Affordable Care Act is back on the table
The Near Certainty of Anti-Police Violence
“Twist her tits off”: the origin of a smear
Sanders Didn’t Lose the Black Vote: He Never Had It, and Never Asked Why (don’t agree with everything, but this is a good point: “…the class composition of this leadership cohort is NOT the same class as the locked out and locked up, and the “unified demands” presented on behalf of us all by this kind of leadership often don’t reflect the interest of blacks threatened by gentrification, or African American workers precariously employed and unemployed, or those of the young, the female or the queer.”)

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  1. mikegraney says:

    re: Breakfast is actually dessert, great link. Especially the “muffin=cake” point. I was a baker at a Boston kitchen and had a lengthy conversation with a woman about which had more fat, a muffin or a donut. I still don’t know, but I let her in on the glug/glug/glug of the oil jug into muffin batter….

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