Party Unity Doesn’t Seem To Be A Two-Way Street

It has been a good couple of weeks for leftie Democrats, but, as Howie Klein notes, there’s still a battle raging (boldface mine):

When the PA-07 progressive Mary Ellen Balchunis– endorsed by every Democratic party organ and institutional ally in southeast Pennsylvania– smashed the DCCC recruit who they had helped raise money and run a campaign, even adding him to their Red to Blue program, the DCCC responded by abandoning the district to GOP incumbent Pat Meehan and taking the district off the map. Pelosi’s bullshit about “when women win…” was shown up to be just more of the hypocrisy her sorry later career has turned into. No Red to Blue help for Mary Ellen Balchunis. That’s Pelosi/DCCC “party unity”… it’s only for progressives to rally around establishment hacks, never for the establishment to rally around progressives.

The DCCC had added their pack of unimpressive hacks– Bryan Caforio (CA), Randall Perkins (FL), Salud Carbajal (CA), Val Demings (FL), Monica Vernon (IA), Brad Schneider (IL), Bill Golderer (PA), and Colleen Deacon (NY)– while all were engaged in active, competitive primaries against more progressive candidates, to the Red to Blue program. When Mary Ellen beat Golderer 52,792 (74%) to 18,509 (26%)– despite the DCCC guaranteeing that Golderer could spend $239,391 (and raise $375,402) in the race while they prevented Mary Ellen from being able to spend anything but $45,541– Lujan, Israel and Pelosi didn’t add Mary Ellen to Red to Blue. They just continued telling Democratic activists to starve her campaign of contributions– even after the AFL-CIO unanimously decided to not re-endorse Meehan and give the nod to Balchunis instead. Balchunis, who identifies as “a Warren wing Democrat” didn’t endorse Bernie, although she shares his values and issues, because she has a long, friendly relationship with Hillary and endorsed her. But Hillary and her establishment wing of the party did absolutely nothing for Balchunis– and still haven’t.

That lack of support has nothing to do with the Congressional Retirement Programâ„¢ whatsoever.

Until ‘unity’ is a two-way street, this Democrat will be in loyal opposition to his party, and in total opposition to the Republican Party.

Same as it ever was.

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