Links 6/26/16

Links for you. Science:

Britain’s Shaky Status as a Scientific Superpower: Researchers say the country’s decision to leave the EU will reverse decades of academic gains
Researchers discovered a new species of truffle at Arboretum — but they didn’t taste it
What’s ahead for UK biotechs in the wake of Brexit? It’s not a pretty picture
Brain drain fears after Brexit vote: Leave vote triggers warnings of recruitment problems and of UK academics seeking better opportunities elsewhere
Digging for Glory: Lee Berger has announced one fossil find after another, and has proclaimed two new species of ancestral human. Do the bones live up to the hype?


D.C. Council Moves Toward New Work Scheduling Requirements
Brexit: The Morning After
This Whole Thing Is About the Right to Be Heard: Our government has been paralyzed by silence before
Brexit: economists dangerously irrelevant
Some of the Oldest, Whitest People on Earth Voted Against Monsters in Their Heads
Blue Cross Pulling Out of Minnesota (no one could have predicted…)
A Few Thoughts Post-Brexit
Who’s to Blame for Brexit? The Elites
Britain Must Refuse to Honor the Results of the Brexit Referendum
How the United Kingdom voted on Thursday… and why
“Tomorrow belongs to me”
On guns, stop talking about terrorism. Start talking about domestic violence.
More on Post Brexit and Why It Happened
When Texas Secedes
On the 140th anniversary of Custer’s well-remembered demise, why is California genocide forgotten?
Indonesia Is Fighting Illegal Fishing By Blowing Up Boats

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