Links 6/23/16

Links for you. Science:

Obama’s moving closer to creating the world’s largest marine reserve — in Hawaii
Zika virus spreading rapidly across Puerto Rico
Mosquito Hawk? Skeeter Eater? Giant Mosquito? No, No, and No
Nakamura reports on the ECR program
Trees are very, very good for our health. But in many cities, they’re struggling


How Not to Write About College Students and Free Speech
What Would It Take to Scare America Into Passing Stricter Gun Control?
Imagine How Bad It Would Be Without The Bombing
House Republicans Want to Allow Open Carry in D.C., Eliminate Gun-Free Zones
Twitter launches Engage, a safer space for celebrities to tweet (a celebrity spam device. Awesome)
ISIS Committed Genocide Against Yazidis in Syria and Iraq, U.N. Panel Says
Don’t tell me not to wear a NASA jumpsuit, I’ll wear whatever I want
WMATA’s Metro Proposal From 1967
Wonkitude (magic asterisks everywhere)
DNC Platform Committee Members Offended By Key Single-Payer Healthcare Advocate
Don’t diddle. Organize.
Why the upper middle class might be the real target of today’s anger (this describes what I call the gentry class, along with the upper reaches of the upper middle class)
The Last Art Gallery in Gallery Place Is Closing
Donald Trump Accused of Rape in Federal Court Lawsuit
Can receivership save a failing Boston school?

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