Links 6/17/16

Links for you. Science:

Immune system myths – can we really boost it?
Orca cultural groups found to be genetically distinct
Original Stonehenge was dismantled in Wales and moved to Wiltshire, archaeologists believe
10 Stunning Undersea Creatures From the Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas
A Whole Country Against a Mosquito


Colleges send too many into remedial classes who don’t need it, growing body of research shows
The Clinton Campaign Continues to Help Trump Ensure That Policy Won’t Matter in This Election
How many carless workers are there really?
Narrow Streets Do More With Less
Achieving scale in affordable housing
Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Speech
Dried Up and Tied Up
Hillary Clinton’s Flat and Misleading Foreign Policy Speech
On #Tronc, Journalism, and Its Value
Chris in Florida Explains Why Teachers Are Leaving
Peter Thiel’s Dropout Army
Five myths about gentrification
Chang, Wu, and Koh are blazing trails in Boston
Is It a Crime to Be Poor?
What’s so Great about Equality of Opportunity?

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  1. free jimmy says:

    “techniques that wound up influencing the groups so strongly that they have become part of their DNA. ”
    Hunting techniques that have become part of orca’s DNA? wtf?!?!? science? this? seriously serious?

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