Links 6/14/16

Links for you. Science:

NIH Director Collins and CSR Director Nakamura continue to kick the funding disparity can down the road (must-read)
The Mistrust of Science
Zika in the United States of America and a Fateful 1969 Decision
How Criterion Scores Predict the Overall Impact Score and Funding Outcomes for National Institutes of Health Peer-Reviewed Applications
The AIDS epidemic can be ended with current drugs — in theory. Now, a rural village in impoverished Zimbabwe has figured out how to help end the epidemic in real life, and they’ve done it in a simple, low-tech, and inexpensive way.


Gun Deaths Today Surpass Those In Our Bloodiest War
A climb from Anacostia to the White House – and an even harder return
The FDA is actually terrible at recalling dangerous foods (what the story doesn’t mention is that no one has FDA’s back on food safety)
Falling Social Security service: you don’t get what you pay for
Cancer Deaths Have Spiked During the Great Recession
One of Secretary Clinton’s Top Nuclear Security Advisers Was a High-Frequency Trader (Who Donated to Her Campaign)
Chattanooga Was a Typical Postindustrial City. Then It Began Offering Municipal Broadband.
The System Works*
The Problem With Hillary Clinton’s Attack on Trump’s Foreign Policy Is… Hillary Clinton
We Support Universality Even For Rich White People!
Why Trump Now? It’s the Empire, Stupid
‘What certainly influenced me’ to support Iraq war, Clinton says, was Bush’s billions of aid to NYC
For Sanders Supporters the Struggle Has Always Been About Issues—and the Struggle Continues (second half of the article has a very good policy suggestion)
Boxing’s Odd Couple
What Paul Ryan’s Own Constituents Think of His Poverty Plan
Nobody Knows

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