Links 6/5/16

Links for you. Science:

Tales of African-American History Found in DNA
The real problem with BMI
Why research for the pure sake of knowing is enough
None of you can troll me like Austin can. Also, cell phones and cancer. Again.
Expansion of Shiga Toxin–Producing Escherichia coli by Use of Bovine Antibiotic Growth Promoters


A guide to being uncool at the Raven
Ten Warnings About The Small Children You May One Day Have
Teach for America retools efforts to recruit graduates from top colleges
Will Democrats Pay a Price for Obama’s Deportation Raids?
The Secretive World of Selling Data About You
Rising anti-Semitism forces Jews out of Paris suburbs
Native Americans move to frontlines in battle over voting rights
When It Comes To Long, Difficult Rehab Programs, Metro’s Problems Aren’t Unique
Bernie Sanders Fights On: The Rolling Stone Interview
Pros and Cons of DC Statehood
Inside Democrats’ Trump-fueled scramble to take back the House (any competent political party would be prepared to seize this opportunity. Yet we are supposed to defer to these knuckleheads’ wisdom?)
More Democrats switch allegiance to GOP in Ohio
Andrew Bacevich: The US in the Middle East – “There Is No Strategy”
Bernstein – The White House Is Terrified the Clinton Campaign “Is in Freefall” (again, Clinton should win this, but it’s much closer than it should be, and much harder for down ballot races than it needs to be)
The cash donations Hillary simply has no answer for: The Clinton Foundation’s business relationship with 20 foreign governments raises real questions about her judgment (Trump, who is a self-igniting dumpster fire, will probably have success pounding Clinton on this)
Sanders: DNC vetoed union leader pick for platform committee
Who needs legitimacy?
How to Make Another Georgetown
Why Some of the Smartest Progressives I Know Will Vote for Trump over Hillary (I vehemently disagree with not voting Democratic but the frustration is very real)

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3 Responses to Links 6/5/16

  1. Tim Howe says:

    Well, Mike, what then does it say about you and your team that Bernie got his ass kicked by these knuckleheads and their wisdom?

    Pretty much that youse guys are grossly incompetent and nobody has the least interest in having you in charge of anything.

    • albanaeon says:


      Went from 3% to 45%, against the massive Democratic Machine and the Clintons, and who are you saying got kicked?

      The JV High School team shouldn’t force the supposed World Champions of everything on their home turf to scramble.

  2. Tracy Lightcap says:

    Uh, MIke,

    You really need to quit linking to anything from the Naked Capitalism crowd. Take a long look at the “Some of my best friends are not going to vote for Clinton” post. To say it’s self contradictory is being downright generous. To say it is outright stupid is, unfortunately, a lot closer to the mark.

    I don’t mind that you like Bernie – I like him myself to the tune of thousands of dollars in support down through the years. It’s that you are choosing posts about him that simply don’t make anything like sense that bothers me. He ran a good race. He lost. The posts we need to see are about what he’ll do next, not more dead-ender crap.

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